Interesting Facts About Sleep

Interesting Facts About Sleep

Sleep is an integral part of life. No human being can live without sleep. Let’s know about Interesting Facts About Sleep. We hear a lot of news related to sleep. But in this content, you will listen to some different facts which let you know some fascinating facts, including sleep. You may not know the facts previous time of your life.       

  Less and more sleeping animal 

 Cat is a domestic animal. This animal can keep pace with human being easy. If you have a cat, you will notice that the cat sleeps in the sofa, bed, and another place of the room. The most exciting fact of cats is that Two-thirds of cat’s life is passed through sleep. Exceptionally few cats can be exceptional. A giraffe is an animal that needs sleep 1.9 hours, whereas a bat sleeps more than 19.9 hours Within 24 hours. 

  A record of longest sleeper 

In 1964., A Californian boy slept 11 days at a stretch because the boys were not fit mentally. The practice is not recommended. A man can live without food but not without sleep. A normal man will die if he awakes 11 days at a stretch. 

 2 miracle history of sleeping 

  The Two miracle histories of sleeping, you may have heard before. Once upon a time, a man sleeps under a tree, just binding his animal in a trunk. After waking, he noticed that he found nothing but some bones. What is the reason? The reason is that he slept more than one era at a stretch. Another story of the Bible and the Holy Quran is that some young sleep in a cave.

After waking, when they go to the market, they noticed that everything has been changed, every coin is not used now. The reason is that they slept 300 hundred years at a stretch. There is no room of doubt of the story because the creator has given a unique chance to them. 

 Dysania and Parasomnia    

  It is one of the sleeping diseases. Because of this, one can not go out of the bed in not time after awaking. It happens normally for chronic fatigue. It may be the result of a bad habit. Scince does not give the exact reson of this. Parasomia is another sleeping diseases which break down during sleeping. The effect of this diseases is unnatural movements. Someone may be died because of this diseases. 

 Hypnic jerk 

It is another sleeping diseases. One feels that he is fallling from peck. This disease has no exact reason. The expert says that it happens normally because of anxity. The problem is removed with the passage of time. The problem is noticed to the youngster mainly. 

Couple sleeping 

A statistics shows that 1 of the 4 married couple sleep in seperated bed. Normally, It happens in the U.S.A . But this is also available in the Asia but these are less with percentage.  

 Dream in sleeping 

  The memmory of dream is not permanet. Dreamer forgets the 50% sleep within 5 minutes. Our brain can forget the dream quickly. Some dreams are permanent in brain. Normally one can enjoy the dream differt time of night. But , it is said that the dream enjoyed in the morning can be truth most of the time. Most of the dream is related to one’s daily activites. What one does in day, he watches in dream what he think, see and feel. 90% dreams are realted to his daily activities.   

 The duration of falling sleep 

  The duration of falling sleep varies from man to man. Someone fall sleep within 2 minutes. Someone fall sleep within 10 or 20 minutes. If one’s sleep takes more than 20 minutes, it is one type of problems.So,one should take medications.  It is one of the interesting news that only huuman are only one speice which take sleep late intentionally. But all the mammals take sleep when they feel sleepy. 

Sleep is an part and parcel of human life. There are a lot of interesting facts related sleeping. Among these, some interesting facts has been included here. By know the facts,you can not but be surprized. You must know the interesting facts related to sleeping. 

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